Saturday, January 05, 2019

This Sunday, at Sector-4, Gurugram, Adjacent to Inox Mall. The last Raahgiri of this year concluded with great spirits on 30th December, in Old Gurugram. Street was filled with people’s enthusiasm. More than 6000 people participated, and engaged in fun activities, such as skating, cycling, and yoga. Cycles were provided by our cycle Partner mobycy.
 gym partner, Athlete Gym conducted Zumba and Bhangra session during the event. People also enjoyed brisk walking, and playing badminton. Children as well as adults enjoyed taking selfies with our HelmatMan at the road safety awareness zone at Raahgiri. Music performance by our partner band, also got a great response.
Raahgiri as a movement to claim streets and make them more inclusive, has been appreciated for the last 5 years since its inception. This year has ended on a sweet note with great participation from the people of Old Gurugram. And this is why we would be continuing doing Raahgiri in sector 4 for the followings Sundays as well.
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