Friday, July 08, 2016

2 year back, on 13th July 2014,
 #Delhi got something special - #RaahgiriDay had arrived in#CP. Moving from a turnout of 5000 people, on first#Raahgiri in CP, to 20,000 people today, and expanding to #Dwarka#Rohini & #EastDelhi, the movement has shown a tremendous growth, something that reminds us that reorienting cities around people – not cars – is achievable. 

We would like to thank NDMC anDelhi Police for taking the lead in bringing this movement to the city and giving a taste of a lively street life to citizens, that encourages pedestrians and cyclists.

Lots of activities are scheduled for the second anniversary of Raahgiri CP on 10th July 2016.

must join at CP Delhi this morning sunday at 6am.

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