Friday, May 20, 2016

This  coming Sunday Raahgiri Day
is dedicated to drive for women safety by Karnal Police under the umbrella programme of IBMS(I break my silence) in association with WRI-India, Global Shapers, Jagori and Safetipin and supported by Raahgiri Team, Karnal. IBMS is a signature initiative by Karnal police towards making ‪#‎Karnal‬ Safer not only for women, for each and every citizens of Karnal under community policing.
This kind of initiative was demand of the situation at Karnal. Crime against women in Haryana hits the headlines regularly and Karnal features frequently in them. The Tribune in June, 2011 bestowed the notorious sobriquet 'rape capital of Haryana' on Karnal along with Rohtak and Panipat based on official crime data. The district which has a skewed sex ratio records an alarming rate of crime against women. Karnal has been incessantly registering the highest number of violence against women in the state since 2009. The growth rate of crimes against women in Karnal is almost double at 31% compared to the state of Haryana.
The activities that are scheduled at Raahgiri are
1. Campaign towards awareness of the fact that women are precious
2. A women safety corner that will speak on issues
3. Various artists and students will come together to create art that speaks for violence against women.
4. The partner NGO's Global Shapers, Jagori, WRI India and Safetipin will launch their campaign "‪#‎orangeitup‬" , putting up a awareness corner at Raahgiri along with a pledge board and oath taking ceremony.
Everyone at Karnal is requested to follow a colour code of ‪#‎orange‬ to show your support against gender based violence and discrimination
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