Saturday, March 05, 2016

They have the right to do everything that the society forces them not to do!

They have the right to work!
They have the right to visit temples!
They have the right to play!
They have the right to cook!
Why ?
Coz they have the right to BLEED. 

Challenging the taboos of menstruation, leaders of Wake up India foundation and Rotaract club, DSE are doing a street play on "WOMEN MENSTRUATION AND TABOOS" tomorrow(Sunday) at 6:45 am at cp raahgiri with Lakshita and her team members . Be a part of this campaign by your esteem presence. Get as many people as you can. 

We believe that women needs to be empowered, not helped! And killing these taboos is a must to empowerment. 

Come and join us in awaring the countless unawared people! 

Be the change! Bring the change!
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