Sunday, December 06, 2015

AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE: Women's safety was the buzzword this Sunday's Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place, supported by the Times of India. Delhi came out in large numbers to dance, sing and pledge their support to ending gender violence.NIRBHAYA'S PARENTS TALK TO RAAHGIRS: The morning began on a sombre note as Nirbhaya's parents addressed the Raahgirs and stressed on the importance of women's safety . Talking about Raahgiri, Nirbhaya's mother said, “I'm happy to see that there is a place in Delhi where girls can be free and enjoy themselves without having to worry about their safety .“ Rivaaaz band then got on the stage and sang songs that not only forced the Raahgirs to shake a leg but also to hum along.
SOCIAL MESSAGE DELIVERED IN A FUN WAY: Highlight of the morning was a special campaign to promote universal accessibility and women's safety by volunteers from several NGOs. Kids played snakes and ladders on giant boards on the ground while youngsters stamped their palm prints on t-shirts to signify their support to women' safety . Rashika, a college student, said, “Raahgiri is always fun but this time, there was a strong message of stopping gender violence that was ingrained in it, which I think is great. Who says that social messages can't be delivered in fun ways?“

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