Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Innovative Pedal Power Machines


As the Delhi government prepares the final draft of its policy statement for staggering four-wheeler traffic to bring down air pollution levels in the Capital, the most significant question being asked by critics is the most basic one: do we really need to do this? 

Cycling is a highly efficient mode of transportation and optimal for short to moderate distances. Compared to motor vehicles, cycles have numerous benefits including the provision of exercise, generating renewable energy and thus no air pollution, reducing traffic congestion, minimizing noise pollution (nearly silent operation), easier and less costly parking, much lower likelihood of causing a fatality, high manoeuvrability, ability to travel on roads or special paths, and lower user cost as well as societal costs (negligible damage to roads, and less pavement required).

Biking to work has lots of benefits. However, there are lots of people who are discouraged to do it. And the primary reason – sweating. Well, it’s impossible to not break a sweat when biking to work. But there are ways to minimize it. Here’s how.

If you don’t want to sweat, say goodbye to road bikes. You need to exert more effort to ride a road bike because you need to bend over. And of course, more effort means more sweat. So to avoid sweating, you need to ride an e-Rider.

Electric bikes are attracting a lot of attention. For some people, electric bikes allow them to get to work without breaking a sweat; for others an electric bike is a means to keep up with a stronger partner. Pretty much everybody who rides one says they’re a lot of fun and it’s like having a tailwind with you at all times.

E-Rider is a pedal-assist bicycles. In other words your pedalling is boosted; you don’t get propelled without pedalling. A small DC Motor and a battery assists your pedalling efforts.

An E-Rider is a normal bicycle that has been adapted or manufactured to incorporate the assistance of an electric motor, while keeping the usual pedals and bicycle transmission. The motor assistance can help the rider go further than they would under their own power. With an E-Rider you can tackle bigger hills, or simply ride with less effort.

Of course, if you want an all-out no-pain-no-gain workout, a standard bike will make you work harder. But will you keep it up? Like a crash diet that leaves you feeling hungry all the time, taking on a long commute or a hilly locality might mean you start off with good intentions, but then start to find excuses to back out, and leave the bike in the shed. An E-Rider, like a sensible balanced diet, could help you to maintain your level of activity, meaning that you get more exercise in the long run, using it several times a week. And of course, as you gain fitness, you can choose to use the assistance less and less, perhaps only on the worst hills, or into the strongest headwinds. And with assistance, you might feel able to travel further, increasing the amount of time you spend exercising.

Go further, faster, fresher: Even if you already cycle a little, an E-Rider could extend your range, allowing you to do regular trips that you’d struggle to manage otherwise, such as a long commute. If you’d like to cycle to work, but are afraid it would leave you too hot and sweaty on arrival, electric assist could allow you to moderate your effort, and still arrive on time. And in the rush hour, bicycles tend to be faster than cars, because although a car can achieve a higher speed, it’s more often stuck in a jam, while the bike filters past or takes advantage of short cuts. For the same reason, journey times by bike can be more reliable, and less subject to delay due to roadworks.

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