Monday, November 16, 2015


Despite a dip in the mercury level, the fun factor at Connaught Place's Raahgiri, supported by the Times of India, did not diminish.Dancers from Beats & Fusion studio started with an interactive performance of zumba and cha-cha that got everyone in attendance to shake a leg.
Soon the the 18member Indian Naval band got on the stage and performed on the occasion of Navy Week. They began with military anthems and tunes and proceeded to patriotic tracks.When they performed a medley of Raj Kapoor songs, the entire gathering hummed along. Nitish, a 17-year-old student, said, “We hear rock bands every week here, but this was some thing new and refreshing. I totally loved their performance.“
There was plenty of action on offer off the stage as well with Raah girs participating in yoga sessions and crossfit. The highlight of the morning was an impromptu strong man competition organised by Del hi's Strongest Club that saw contest ants pitted against one another in ac tivities like arm wrestling and pus hups. Jonathan, a German national who tried his hand at arm wrestling, said, “It's my first visit to India and I was sur prised to see this concept here. I think it's a wonderful thing that brings people together in a fun way and I wish this happens back home as well.“

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