Sunday, October 18, 2015
From flash mobs to street plays to
impromptu dance-offs,
Delhi witnessed all this and more at this Sunday's fun-filled Raahgiri at CP supported by The Times of India. The band, Grab , Your Beats, with their Punjabi and folk music, got the crowd grooving in the morning. One of the biggest attractions this Sunday was a flash mob by the students of Shiv Nadar University , that saw them dancing to peppy Bollywood numbers like Chittiyan Kalaiyaan. Later, Rivaaz band's performance had the audience swaying to the soulful romantic numbers. Percussion band Djembefola United added to the musical essence with their rhythmic beats on the djembe.
There were a number of street plays performed by student groups from DU. While one group centred their performance on drug addiction and abuse, another focussed on the need for sanitation. The sports enthusiasts had their share of fun as well as skateboarders showed their tricks, while amateur footballers and shuttlers turned the streets into a makeshift arena. Ruchika , who had come for Raahgiri all the way from Pitampura, said, “It's my first Raahgiri and I'm amazed at the turnout here. It's unusual to see so many people turn up so early in the morning with the sole intention of having fun. The activities organised here are like the cherry on the cake. Being a fitness freak, I will make sure to come here every week.“

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