Sunday, October 04, 2015
Connaught Place saw the usual enthusiastic crowd at this Sunday's Raahgiri Day,
supported by the Times of India. From bhangra to Bollywood, Raahgirs grooved to some peppy numbers.Jaskiran, who is from Jalandhar, said, “CP is such an amazing place, it defines Delhi.For Bollywood films, they usually show CP to show that it's Delhi and now that I am here for Raahgiri, I can tell why. This place is beautiful and this Sunday morning vibe is only making it better.“
Alice, a Norwegian trav eller, shared her Raahgiri experience with us. “I tra vel to India this time of the year because the weather is nice and Diwali is around the corner and everyone is in such a festive mood. Raahgiri, however, looks like a festival every week. This is my third Raahgiri.It is such a fun way to start your Sunday.I skateboard some skateboard sometimes and dance as well. It's safe, so you can do what you like,“ she said.William, an English traveller who had accompanied her, said, “She told me to wake up at 6am to attend Raahgiri and I thought she was kidding.But now that I'm here,I think it's worth it! There are so many people and there's so much dancing. Delhi has a traffic problem, but here, the pedestrians rule the roads. We don't have anything like this back at home. I wish we did.“
Members of the NGO Friendicoes, were also present at the inner circle to promote adoption of Indian mongrels. Praveen Gupta, a member of the NGO, said, “People spend so much money getting dogs that aren't accustomed to this climate. Desi dogs are abandoned and stray dogs aren't cared for. If we adopted them, we wouldn't need shelter homes.“

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