Sunday, September 13, 2015
DANCE-Y DRAMARAMA: This Sunday's Raahgiri Day at CP,
supported by the Times of India, started with the well-synchronised beats of Djembefola United's performance on the TOI stage. The DJ took over and played some popular Bollywood hits, making the crowd dance. Next up was a street play by Yoddhas, who had collaborated with a dance group to spread their message on the fight against cancer through a dance drama. Accompanied by nagada beats, the performance was about a cancer patient who survived because of timely medication and the support of family and friends. “I am proud of these kids and look forward to seeing them perform here again,“ said NDMC deputy director Shabnam Kundra. BHANGRA PA LE: The crowd near the TOI stage cheered and showed off their bhangra moves when Bhangrabics with Ishu Sondh performed on stage. City-based band Vishuddh made the crowd sing along to some Bollywood tunes, while the dramatics society of Amity University also performed a short play on female foeticide in rural India at the venue.

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