Monday, September 07, 2015
The enthusiastic crowd at Raahgiri Day in CP ,
supported by the Times of India, danced their morning blues away this Sunday . The day started with a dance routine by Dance Central. Some Raahgirs were seen singing Bollywood and Sufi numbers with the bands, while others danced to their beats. Raghav Chopra, who was seen grooving to the Rotten Guitars' Sufi numbers, said, “You don't have to be a famous singer to perform here. That's the best part. Raahgiri is the only platform for the people, by the people, of the people.“
Wrestlers Rocky and Danielle also made some Raahgirs do push-ups at the TOI stage.This was followed by a nukkad naatak on environmental issues by students of St Thomas' School.

While Raahgirs played tug-of-war, others participated in an impromptu jig with Djembefola United. Roshni Singh, a Bangalore-based entrepreneur told us, “I have lived in six different cities across the world and nothing comes close to the Dilli waali Raahgiri ki vi be. The people are so warm and so happy . Fitness toh ba hana hai, we come here to dance and sing! I was suppo sed to fly back last night, but extended my trip so that I co uld come for Raahgiri with my cousins and colleagues.“
There were also awareness walks at this week's Raahgi ri. Students walked to prote st against reservation, while volunteers from the NGO, Leaders For Tomorrow, wal ked to support equal educat ional rights for underprivi leged children.
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