Friday, September 11, 2015
Start your day with some groovy beats at this Sunday's edition of Raahgiri Day
with the Djembefola United's drum and percus sion ensemble session by Djembefola United. You can grab your own djembe or makeshift drums and join the funk and fun! And if you just want to dance your morning blues away , then head to the TOI stage for the bhangra performance by Bhangrabics with Ishu Sondh.
There's more music and dance coming your way with the band and dance per formance by students of Shiv Nadar University at the TOI stage. Nukkad natak fans can also check out the street play on spreading awareness about ways to prevent cancer by Yoddhas, while those who love to cycle can rent a cycle for free from the TOI Cycle Corner.

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