Friday, August 07, 2015

I started practicing yoga two years ago and this has been the most satisfying time of all.
It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect; my yoga practice is my time to feel alive, loved and free. Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down. You might be surprised what a little time on the mat can do for you. The postures are meant to strengthen the body from the inside-out, so you don't just look good, you feel good too.

7 Things You Didn't Know Yoga Could Do for Your Body-

1. Makes you better at your job- Meditation prepares the mind to calm down effortlessly. This extra 'head space' leads to better decisions, better work relationships, and increased productivity.

2. Hangover Relief- If you tipped back too many drinks last night, the last thing you feel like doing is rolling out your yoga mat. But you should!! "Yoga is a great way to detox your entire system," says Bethany Grace Shaw, founder and president of YogaFit, Inc. "Yoga also helps with metabolism. The poses 'shoulder stand,' 'plow,' and 'fish' work on the thyroid gland and improve metabolism, thus getting rid of a hangover faster.

3. Insomnia Buster- When experiencing insomnia, practice relaxing postures, such as forward fold (uttanasana) or lying on your back with your feet up the wall," says Tamal Dodge,
director of the Tamal Yoga School. "It will help with circulation as well as calming your body and, most importantly, your mind."

4. Fertility Aid- Practicing yoga does not guarantee conception but it certainly does help prepare your mind and body, and also improves the chances of conception with a much better fertility ratio. Yoga tones and nourishes your reproductive organs by systematically squeezing and then releasing them, which encourages them to function optimally.

 5. Delays Aging- Yoga stimulates the detoxification process within the body. Detoxification has been shown to delay aging, among many other health benefits.

6. Increase Red blood Cells count- Yoga has been shown to increase the level of red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen through the blood, and too few can result in anemia and low energy.

7. Helps prevent Type II diabetes- In addition to the glucose reducing capabilities of yoga, it is also an excellent source of physical exercise and stress reduction that, along with the potential for yoga to encourage insulin production in the pancreas, can serve as an excellent preventative for type II diabetes.

Now that you have seven more reasons to go for it, don’t hate, don’t hesitate, don’t get late, just meditate. Buy Yoga props at Sportee page:
Gunjeet Bhatia
Health & Fitness Leader, Sportee
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