Sunday, August 02, 2015
The youngsters of Dwarka came out
in large numbers, armed with friendship bands and chocolate, at Dwarka's Raahgiri Day , supported by The Times of India, this Sunday . Ally Gupta, a class X student who was at Raahgiri with her friends, said, “We exchanged friendship bands with each other and we're celebrating the day by dancing to Bollywood numbers here.“
Sugandha Jha, a college student and a regular Raahgir, added, “Raahgiri has become a part of my lifestyle. It's a must-do in my schedule every Sunday . Today , a lot of youngsters here are celebrating Friendship Day , so even though there are fewer games here today , it's fun and even the music is good.“
Raahgirs got creative with the Friendship Day messages they scribbled on the TOI message board, as they covered the board with hearts, teddy bears, and long messages for their friends. Many were seen showing off their bhangra moves to the beats at the fusion dance workout session by Dance Fun. Young kids of Versatile Dance Academy also got on the TOI stage and performed on patriotic numbers like Vande Mataram, Bande Mein Tha Dum and Des Rangila. The impromptu guitar jugalbandi by Vivek, Nik and Varun, who were sitting on the footpath, got many listeners, while many groups of friends were seen strolling around, trying out rolls, ice-cream, juice and chuski from the various stalls at the venue.

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