Sunday, August 16, 2015

FITNESS FIRST: Despite the overcast skies,
Raahgirs showed up for their weekly dose of fitness and fun at CP's Raahgiri Day , supported by the Times of India, on Sunday . The day's activities started with a Bollywood dance workout by Yog Youngistan, followed by an Afro drum and dance workout by Djembefola United. Like every week, this week too, Delhi Police's volunteers were spotted at the venue, telling people to not smoke or bring their vehicles beyond the restricted area. Shivam, an engineering student, told us, “Raahgiri gets the prettiest girls in Delhi in one place! Of course, working out is great too.“
FAVOURITE DELHI MEMORY: Rakesh Sharma, a regular Raahgir, said, “It almost feels like the week hasn't started unless I come to Raahgiri. It has become an integral part of my family's routine.It's the best way to beat the morning laziness and get fit.“ US-based Kritika Prakash, said, “I come down to Delhi every year to vis it my grandparents. This time, my cousins and I decided to come to Raahgiri, which we had heard so much about. To be honest, it's much better than I expected! It's like a colourful weekly parade of fun. This is definitely my favourite Delhi memory now.“ The day's activities ended with the Delhi Freestyle Clan performing freestyle football stunts.

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