Sunday, August 23, 2015

HONEY SINGH LOVE: Raahgiri Day at Dwarka, supported by Times of India, saw the usual enthusiasm and fun energy this Sunday as well.
The day's activities started with a performance by Parindey, a citybased band that made Raahgirs groove to Bollywood numbers, including an acoustic version of Honey Singh's Love Dose. Deepak Puri, the lead vocalist of the band said, “Dwarka Raahgiri has a young and peppy crowd, so it's fun to perform here. People sing along and dance and it's an experience in itself.“
Some more dancing followed the thumkas at the zumba workout by the Beats & Fusion Studio. Aditi, a 16-year-old from Sector 10, said, “Dancing and working out is the best way to start my Sunday morning. I love zumba and I am so happy that this session was organized.“ Em cee Madhukar also called a few people on stage to dance with the troupe. Following this, Sumit Rawal, a student, acted out the monologue from Charlie Chaplin's The Dic tator. Ruchi*, a resident of Dwarka Mod, said, “This is my first Raahgiri. It's cool, but my parents generally don't allow me to step out and come here on Sundays with out them. Today, since I was staying over at a friend's place, I managed to come.“
(*Some names have been changed)

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