Sunday, August 30, 2015

This Raahgiri Day at CP was a mix of fun and fitness
as song-and-dance routines shared space with yoga sessions and acrobatic routines at CP's Raahgiri, supported by the Times of India. The djembe band Djemebefola United started the morning with rhythmic beats on percussion instruments, prompting many in the audience to join in and groove to the beats. The students of Modern School, Barakhamba Road, then performed a street play on cleanliness, hygiene and environmental issues.Film and TV actress Apoorva Arora showed off her dance moves as Raahgirs queued up to get a chance to share the stage and click selfies with her. “Raahgiri has become such an integral part of Delhi now. It is full of fun every week and I had a great time,“ she said. One of the highlights of the morning was an impromptu jam session by a group of guys who sang popular numbers like Gulaabi Aankhein and Aadat, as a party of cheering youngsters danced. Across the road from them, a bunch of people participated in a yoga session while some others combined acrobatic moves with ropeskipping. Jan, a Slovenian tourist and a firsttime Raahgir, said, “I'm very surprised to see all this. Back in Europe, you don't have anything at six in the morning. Everybody is in bed! But here, you can see the entire city coming together and celebrate Sunday in this fashion; it is so unique and refreshing. I tried dancing along with the songs and it was fun. In a few months' time, I hope I can even sing along. This will be a permanent fixture in my calendar as long as I'm in Delhi.“

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