Monday, July 27, 2015
This Sunday's Raahgiri Day at CP ,
supported by The Times of India, saw many step out for their weekly dose of fun and dance. The cloudy morning started with a band performance by city-based band, Soul Unplugged, followed by a drum performance by Osa Drum Circle (ODC).Dilpreet from ODC told us, “The best thing about Raahgiri is that it has brought back a sense of be longing in this city . When we were little, we were told that this is your sheher, these are your people. As you grow up, everyone becomes more distant, but Raahgiri brings that feeling of apnapan back. People dance together, sing together and play together. It's the best!“
The Delhi Traffic Police's volunteers were also seen around the outer circle, ask ing people not to smoke and help ing those who needed assistance. A 66-year-old volunteer, Sunita Khurana, said, “We are some 10-12 people and we get here at 5.30am every Sunday to make sure that Raahgiri goes smoothly . This initiative helps us citizens to take part in the work ing of the system.“ Sarthak Kumar, a sixteen-year-old from Ranchi, who was attending Raahgiri for the first time, told us, “I recently moved to Del hi, and as much as I love everything about your city , this has been the high light. This is the best thing about Delhi, this is the best Delhi can offer! No restau rant, no mall or nightclub is better than this here.“

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