Sunday, July 05, 2015

This Raahgiri Day , supported by the Times of India, saw many walking on the roads of CP and taking part in the activities despite the heat.
We spotted many amateur photographers clicking away at Raahgiri. Animesh, a college student who was there with his friends, said, “I've created a folder named Raahgiri on my Facebook page and every week I post these pictures there. I think I am becoming better with each week.“
We also spotted TV actor Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra enjoying Raahgiri Day with his school friends. The actor told us, “My friends came up with the idea of attending Raahgiri Day during dinner on Saturday night. I assumed it would be a small affair, but I'm shocked to see so many people here so early in the morning. This is a great initiative. I've only visited such an event once a few years ago in Zurich. Even that wasn't organized at such a large scale. I have never experienced any such thing in India.“ While many were busy looking for a chance to interact with the actor, others were seen enjoying the back-to-back band performances by Pentatonics Academy of Music, Bhagrabics and Jaaltheband at TOI stage.
The Delhi Traffic Police also deployed its traffic police mobile exhibition van near Palika Bazaar, informing locals about traffic rules and regulations. They also distributed postcards that could be used to lodge a complaint against auto drivers if they refuse to take commuters to any desired location, charge more fare or misbehave. Shabnam Kundra, deputy director, NDMC, who was at Raahgiri this Sunday , told us, “Many NDMC officials are here today as we are planning a grand celebration of CP Raahgiri's anniversary next Sunday . The theme will be musical celebration, and we will have dress codes ­ pink and blue ­ for Raahgirs. We don't want girls to stick to pink and boys to blue! We'll be asking guys to wear pink too.“

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