Friday, July 24, 2015
Raahgiri Day at CP this Sunday, has a special treat for music lovers across the city.
With three different music performances, starting at 6am with the Jesus Accademy of Music, Shashank Ujjwal at 7am and Vishuddh at 8am, music enthusiasts will get a taste of different genres to choose from. To compliment these musical sessions, is a dance performance at 7am by Vinay , as well as a flash mob at 7:50am. The Djembefola United jam session will only make Sunday more musical for Raahgirs. Staying true to the Raahgiri spirit, cycles will be available on rent at the TOI stage for those who want to start their Sunday with a good workout.

 and Enjoy your favourite band - Euphoria at Raahgiri CP from 8 am onwards in the Central Park. 

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