Sunday, July 12, 2015

REVELLERS FROM ALL OVER NCR:Even the rain Gods seemed to have planned making CP Raahgiri's one year anniversary special this Sunday .
Raahgiri Day , supported by the Times of India, turned into a rain dance party and drew a huge crowd, and people from around the city were at the venue as early 6am. Rekha, who was there with a group of friends from Noida, told us, “I read about the one year celebration of CP's Raahgiri, so I somehow managed to convince everyone to get up early for once and come with me. It was the right decision! We've never had so much fun on a Sunday morning!“
The highlight of the morning was when Muktesh Chander, special commissioner of police (Traffic), played Vande Mataram on the flute on the TOI stage. He said, “I am performing Vande Mataram especially for CP Raahgiri's one year anniversary .“ India Post also took the chance to enact a street play informing people about their various schemes. Senior superintendent of post office in the central division, Disha Pannu, said, “We are public servants ­ wherever there is public, we are there. Today, we informed people about our schemes like the new account scheme for the girl child below 10 years, which can now be opened with a minimum of `1,000.“ Manzil theatre group also performed a street play at Central Park ­ Yeh Andhkaar Hai ­ on women empowerment.
The Zumba session by A Square Dance Academy in front of the TOI stage saw many dancing to stay fit, and it later turned into a freestyle dance zone when DJ Sumit Sethi danced to Bollywood numbers with the crowd. Rini, who was trying out some bhangra steps, said, “The last time I was here too, it was raining as well. I guess I'm lucky that I got to dance in the rain to DJ Sumit Sethi's music for free.“ Raahgirs were also seen trying out different stunts in the rain! A group of youngsters from east Delhi was seen doing push-ups, handstands and playing different games. Pawan, a student, who was doing push-ups on the road, said, “The rain has just made Raahgiri more fun. This is my first time at Raahgiri. I wanted to be a part of grand one year celebration.“

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