Friday, June 26, 2015

Sudden summer rains are surely a relief from the heat and dust,
and what if you get to enjoy it with friends outdoors on a Sunday morning? CP's Raahgiri Day regulars will tell you how much fun they've had in the rain, and if you are lucky enough, you might get to do a rainy day jig on the roads of CP this Sunday too.After the International Yoga Day break last week, the event is back in the heart of the city with its range of fitness and entertainment activities. You can indulge in some dance therapy with Satyanarayana, or enjoy the band performance by Parindey . You can also join in the jam session by Djembefola United, or hire a cycle for a chakkar around CP . Entertainment at Raahgiri often comes with a message, so Khanabdosh will describe the ills of drug use through their play this Sunday . You can also relive your school days' memories, as you play some old school games as part of Raahgiri Day this week.
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