Monday, June 08, 2015

FLASH MOB AND MORE: The prickly hot Sunday morning didn't deter Dwarka residents from attending this Sunday's Raahgiri Day ,
which was filled with dance, music, exercise, cycle stunts, sports and selfies. When emcee Madhukar announced the last event of the day, many requested him to extend the Raahgiri activities for some more time. Spreading awareness about making Delhi pollution-free, members of Clean Air India Movement (CLAIM) performed a flash mob organised by Heal Foundation on the song Jai Ho, which saw many Raahgirs stop and stare and join in.

MAKING NEW FRIENDS AT RAAHGIRI: Sandhya Sridhar and her friend Varshini Srini rocked the stage and made Raahgirs dance along with them when they performed on different Bollywood numbers. Students from Versatile Dance Academy performed a body-balancing act on Vande Mataram, while city-based band Bismil performed some Bollywood hits. Vivek Panchal, who plays the guitar with his friends at every Raahgiri and entertains those walking by , said, “Every Sunday, I come here with the three members of my band, Musicoholic. But they couldn't come today so I was playing alone, till Virat Jha, another guitarist, offered to jam along. I've made a new friend at Raahigiri today .“

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