Friday, May 29, 2015
Who said it's too hot to be out in the daytime in this weather? Definitely not the Raahgirs! As they get ready for another fun-filled Sunday morning at CP , we look at all the fun activities in store at Raahgiri, which will easily help you beat the heat. And the best way to do it is laughing it out with the Delhi Academy of Laughter Yoga. After a laughter session, you can enjoy listening to JaalTheBand, who will present an acoustic band perform ance at the TOI stage. Vedika, a 7 year-old-girl, will also perform a play, Bachpan Bachao, at Raahgiri this Sunday . You can also join Djembefola United for a drum jam session, and don't forget to rent free cycles from the TOI Cycle Corner.

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