Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Sunday was Mother's Day, and Dwar ka's Raahgirs made sure they celebrated the day with zest. A Mother's Day fashion walk was organised, where mothers at Raahgiri were invited to the stage with their children. Despite the heat, Raahgirs were seen participating in all the activities with their usual zeal and enthusiasm. Aanchal Gupta, a homemaker, told us, “It is getting really hot, but not coming to Raahgiri is not an option.It's our favourite Sunday activity so we're here with the kids.“ JaalTheBand gave an acoustic performance. Ruchi Mehta, an entrepreneur, said, “I am so happy that we have a Raahgiri of our own in Dwarka. It's close by and being here is so refreshing. I'm here every week!“

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