Tuesday, May 12, 2015
This edition of Raahgiri Day in CP , or ganised by Delhi Police and New Del hi Municipal Council (NDMC) along with Embarq India and supported by Times of India, saw the Delhi Police asking youngsters to join hands with them to stop ruffians who cause trouble at the weekly event. Muktesh Chander, special commissioner of police, Traffic, applauded the 25-odd volunteers, who had gathered near the TOI stage.“It's so heartening to see that the footfall increases every Sunday at CP . But at the same time, there are few who wish that this initiative is rolled back. They come just to create a menace. We need to catch these guys and teach them a lesson,“ said Chander. The vol unteers were thrilled by the presence of a top cop like Chander. “We have been volunteering since February .
It's like a little sewa that we do for our city. Also, our pic tures with Chander sir will go on Delhi Police's Faceb bok page,“ said Wasi Ahmad, a college student.
Raahgirs also got to enjoy some soulful tracks sung by singer Rahul Semwal. Little kids from Cute Danc ing Divas group stole everyone's hearts with their cute dance.

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