Monday, May 04, 2015
The Delhi Traffic Police is taking a serious view of those who indulge in stunt biking at Raahgiri. Muktesh Chander, special commissioner of police (Traffic), has started a drive where he has been encouraging Raahgirs to curb the menace of stunt biking over the last two Raah giris. “We started Raahgiri to promote a healthy lifetsyle and provide a safe place for kids so that they can indulge in activities like cycling and skating.But we have noticed that some stunt bikers started creating a ruckus in the inner and outer circle at CP. They try to dodge the police and indulge in such stunts. They have girls as pillion riders who provoke them to do stunts. When we saw this happening, we realised that we can't handle this situation alone,“ he said.
According to him, these troublemakers park their vehicles in CP during the night and pick their vehicles up the next morning on Raahgiri Day . “They ride without helmets and since they know that the roads will be blocked on the morning of Raahgiri, they park their vehicles at night. They get a kick out of doing all of this.We will deploy traffic police but we will also have citizen volunteers. If the need arises, they will also form a hu man chain and stop these stunt bikers. We want to ensure that the atmosphere at Raahgiri is not spoiled,“ he said.
In the last Raahgiri, Chander handed caps and T-shirts to volunteers and with their help the traffic cops were able to catch 14 stunt bikers. “The stunt bikers start coming around 9am when Raahgiri is about to end. This experiment was quite successful. We will have 50 volunteers posted at strategic locations along with traffic cops. Either we will issue a challan to them for dangerous driving or they will be arrested under 279 IPC (rash and negligent driving).This time, we challaned them and took their vehicles away ,“ he said. Chander said that he also made the citizen volunteers take an oath that they will not flout traffic rules and they will also ask their near and dear ones to follow rules. This drive will also start at Raahgiris in other locations.
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