Monday, April 27, 2015
AP ATRIOTIC TOUCH: This Sunday's Raahgiri Day in CP was highspirited and had the usual energetic vibe. Organized by Delhi Police and NDMC along with Embarq India and supported by The Times of India, this edition saw Raahgirs showing off their thumkas to the vibrant Bollywood music at the TOI stage, and even the children from Lingaya Public School showed off their talent on stage. The dramatics society of Dyal Singh College (Evening), Junoon, also staged a patriotic street play .
VOLUNTEERS GALORE:But the highlight of the morning was the Delhi Police's volunteer drive.Sandeep Goel, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), told us, “Raahgiri takes place on a large scale now, with a lot of people turning up each week.We want volunteers to make sure ki koi chhoti-moti ghatna na ho. Aise elements bhi aa sakte hain jo logon ko disturb karein. Of course, the police is here all the time, but we wanted to involve the people as well.“ Shabnam Kundra, deputy director (Projects), added, “We can't spare so many police officers, and so we need volunteers and it's necessary to involve the public for that.The feedback has been great and we actually have more volunteers than we need!“

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