Tuesday, April 21, 2015
With the summer sun back in all its glory, this week's Raahgiri Day saw many early risers walking and cycling on the roads of Dwarka. For many residents, this is a weekly ritual that they never miss. Like Shalu Khanna, who stays in Sector 10, told us, “My Raahgiri companions change every week, sometimes I come with my friends and neighbours, other times I'm here with my husband and kids, but I make sure that I come.“ Pankaj Tripathi, another Raahgir, added, “We always come with some or the other game to keep ourselves occupied at Raahgiri. It's such a good way to start a Sunday . We played badminton last week and cricket before that and this week, we're playing with frisbee.“ Students from the Versatile Dance Academy performed on The Times of India stage and got the crowd following their dance steps.There were also many impromptu hip-hop dance battles when emcee Manya got enthusiastic amateur boy groups on stage. The Federation of (Central Government Health Scheme) CGHS Dwarka got the people to laugh their loudest with a laughter yoga session.
Students from the Venkateshwar International School performed a meme and dance act on the importance of zebra crossing and road rules.This week's Raahgiri Day ended on a meaningful note with a street play by the Purvabhyas Theatre group.Using song and funny dialogues, they highlight ed the major issues that lead to ac cidents and got a huge round of applause from the cheering crowd.

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