Tuesday, April 21, 2015
While last Sunday Raahgirs had woken up to a cool and pleasantly windy weather, this week's sunny outdoors didn't keep them away . Organized by the Delhi Police and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) along with Embarq India and supported by The Times of India, Raahgiri Day began with a dance exercise by MJ11.This was followed by a street play and a musical performance by the Core Cancer Foundation. Dance group ZipOut made the Raahgirs shake a leg to old Hindi songs. But the real fun began with a fire demonstration, conducted by the Delhi Fire Service as part of the ongoing fire service week, which aims at educating people about fire safety . As soon as the fire brigade poured water out of the hose, the Raahgirs turned the demonstration into a rain dance. Once the water supply was stopped, we could see the crowd waiting impatiently for the next shower. Now, that's one way to beat the heat.

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