Friday, November 14, 2014

BHOPAL: Group of youths organizing 'Kiss of love' protest in Bhopal will create awareness on the issue here at Shahpura Lake this Raahgiri Day. Later, the group posted 'Join us for the TEASER at Shahpura Lake' on their Facebook page.

Around 14 students from different city colleges including Bhopal School of Social Science (BSSS), Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology held a meeting at Chinar park here on Thursday to discuss their future course of action.

BSSS student Mohsin Khan, who has been mobilizing support for the movement, said, "The agenda would be to let people know that Kiss of Love has reached Bhopal. We will be using creative forms like rap, music, paintings and posters to convey our message to the people."

"We will also inform authorities about our programme of Sunday," he said.

In the meeting at the park, they also carried placards displaying messages 'Love is unconditional', 'I love human' or 'I love my mother, father, friends, nature and my pets. Do you?? and 'Aazadi, aazadi, hume chchiye aazadi, Jeene ki, Marne ki, Pyaar krne ki' among others.

Former student of an engineering college, Suruj Pankaj said, "I do not want to feel afraid or oppressed of anything."

However, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation said that it has not permitted the group to hold any gathering.
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