Friday, November 14, 2014

After the NDMC'sShabnamKundra said that they are planning to start Raahgiri at Delhi University's north campus so that the CPRaahgirs can experience a less crowded Raahgiri, we spoke to some DU students to find out what they think about the idea. While students who go toRaahgiri every Sunday say this will be like having their own personal Raahgiri, the ones who fail to travel to CP believe that it's perfect as this is like their fitness regime coming right to their doorstep. 

Need it on campus as students put on weight 

"Many students start putting on weight after they join college because of easy access to all the junk food and no fixed eating hours. My friends and I have put on some two to five kg in the past few years. We were planning to start going to CP because Raahgiri seems fun but sloth would always take over. Now that it's coming to our campus, I think it will be easier for us to participate," says Ragini Jain, a third-year student. 

Raahgiri to come to DU? 

Perfect for ECA societies 

"This will be perfect for ECA societies because it'll be a great platform for us to rehearse in front of a cheering audience as well as meet other colleges' ECA societies. Usually, we get to see what other ECA societies are doing only when we go for competitions, but this way, we will get to meet them more often," says Ankush Bhardwaj, member of Shunya, the dramatics society of Ramjas College.
"I think it will be great for all the street play societies and dance societies. They can finally get some audience reactions in advance, because most of them anyway rehearse on Sundays. So, instead of their friends watching them over and over again, they can have some new people as their audience and rehearse accordingly for competitions," says Aratrika Bhatnagar from Hansraj College. 

Sleepover plans, thanks to Raahgiri 

"We go to north campus almost every week to meet friends and get their campus-y feel and eat at Tom Uncle's maggi point. So Raahgiri starting on north campus will be another reason for us to go there. We'll have sleepovers at our northwaale friends' PGs and go for Raahgiri in the morning," says Zen, a student of Gargi College. 

A happier reason for a road full of people 

Sejal Varma, from Hindu College, says, "I think it's great that DU gives you the environment where you understand the need of standing up for yourself, even if it means organising protest after protest. But I'm sick of all the student parties blocking the campus roads for lame protests, like there should be no live-ins. With students out on the road to get fit collectively, at least we will have a happier reason for so many people to be out on the road. It won't clash with the rush hours, so there will be no jams either." 

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