Saturday, October 25, 2014
Lose some festive weight this Raahgiri

Wanna lose some of the festive weight you've put on without slog ging in the gym? Then head to Connaught Place for Raahgiri Day this Sunday for a fun way to work off all the Diwali weight. You can even make this a family event, as there is something for everyone at Raahgiri.BOLLYWOOD WAALA WORKOUT: Try out all yo-ur Bollywood moves and thumkas at the Bollywood Workshop by the Zenith Dance Institute at the TOI stage at Raahgiri.
ALL THE DRAMA: If you are a fan of theatrics and dramatics, then head to the TOI arena as the dramatics society of Shiv aji College, Va yam, performs a nukkad-nat ak for you. Not only will it be a good break from working out, but you also get to see some fresh talent!
PERCUSSION GALORE: If you are inclined towards music and have always wanted to play a djimbe or watch a percussion performance, then Raahgiri Day is the place for you. Percussion group Djembefola United will be jamming at Raahgiri, and you can join them or dance to their beats as they perform.

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